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Our Best SEO Company in Meerut determined that your website has a solid foundation and produces results.
A strong and integrated strategy that incorporates technical SEO, on-page building, off-site link building, quality authoritative backlinks,
local business listing to enhance your citation flow, and much more can give you the upper hand over your rivals.

Best SEO Company in Meerut

How Does Our Best SEO Company in Meerut Work?

You will notice a significant rise in website traffic as a result of our SEO Marketing’s
increased search exposure with our primary Google SERP, Bing, and YouTube.

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Extensive keyword research

Our specialty is in locating relevant but intensely competitive keywords with high search volume.

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Before & After SEO Report

Receive a detailed evaluation report to monitor our development.

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Unique SEO Techniques for Your Business

Our SEO specialists create a distinctive SEO plan just for your business.

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Rank High In Search Results

Our plan aims to place your website among the top results.

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Boost Web Traffic to Your Site

Our SEO services increase website traffic for you.

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Content Optimization

Your website’s content is optimised by our content writer to be search engine friendly.

Our SEO Packages

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( ₹ 8000 / Month )

Minimum Contract Period – 4 Months

( ₹ 15000 / Month )

Minimum Contract Period – 6 Months

( ₹ 25000 / Month )

Minimum Contract Period – 12 Months

Note that prices may increase depending on the client’s needs as this is standard SEO pricing.

The categorizing of our SEO service packages enables us to offer the outcomes that our customers want. Our clients can meet their needs using the silver, gold, and platinum SEO Service Packages, depending on their budget.

On-Page SEO Services

For any website, on-page SEO is crucial. To increase the visibility of your website on search engine results pages, you should optimise its title, description, and keywords. Additionally, on-page SEO helps increase organic search traffic to your website and click-through rate (CTR).

On-page SEO in Our Best SEO Company in Meerut

Keyword analysis

Our SEO specialists can assist you if you want to raise the search engine rating of your website. To determine the keywords that potential clients are using to find companies like yours, we first conduct keyword research.

We then assist you in determining how to include those keywords in your website content, whether it be through blog entries, product descriptions, or copywriting. You may draw in more visitors and convert them into customers by raising your website’s rating for pertinent keywords.

Content Auditing

We at DirectSEOTools consider content to be king. Because of this, we always do a thorough content audit before beginning any project involving content optimization. This enables us to determine what needs to be done to make the content on your website more search engine friendly.

We look for things like titles of pages, heading tags, keyword density, and proximity, prominence, and keyword diversity. We can help your site rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and increase traffic by enhancing these factors.

Backlink Auditing

The status of the incoming links to your website are what we mean when we talk regarding backlink audits. A backlink audit or link profile check can be used to evaluate the value of these links and determine whether they might eventually cause harm to your website. We look for harmful backlinks that might potentially harm your site during the on-page SEO procedure. Typically, these links are spam from unreliable websites.

Any spam backlinks that we discover while examining the link profile are likewise removed. By doing this, you may protect your website from dangerous links that might impair its search engine ranking. Additionally, it helps to raise the general calibre of your link profile, and that is crucial for SEO.

Website Auditing & Error Removal

An evaluation of a website to determine any areas that want improvement is known as a website audit. We begin by examining the website’s overall layout. We look for things like appropriate site architecture, URL structure, sitemap, and navigation. The effectiveness and user-friendliness of a website are both influenced by all of these elements. In order to make sure the website is optimized for search engines, we also evaluate the robots file and sitemap. This increases the website’s prominence and may increase traffic.

Finally, we examine how quickly the website loads. A quick website is necessary for a satisfying user experience. Users are likely to quit a website if it takes too long to load before they have a chance to browse the content. We may determine any areas that require improvement by conducting a detailed site audit. This makes it possible to make sure that the websites of our clients are operating efficiently and giving visitors a positive experience.

Competitor Auditing

For your niche, our SEO specialists conduct a complete competitor analysis. To develop a more effective SEO plan, we examine the domain authority and back-building tactics of their website.

This is crucial because it enables us to determine what is effective for them and how we might enhance it. Additionally, it gives us important information on the most recent trends in your sector, allowing us to better adjust our strategy to meet your demands.

Required Tool Setup

You want to ensure as a business owner that your website is operating as effectively as it possibly can. Because of this, our specialists at DirectSEOTools provide optimization and tracking services with applications like Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

We can assist you with monitoring site traffic and conversions so you can make the required adjustments to strengthen your online presence. If a sitemap and a robots file are not already existing on the website, we also construct them to help it get even better results.

Off-Page SEO Services

When it comes to optimizing your website for the search engines, off-page SEO is just as crucial as on-page SEO. All the actions you do outside from your website to raise its rating in search engine results pages are referred to as “off-page SEO” (SERPs). This involves activities like link development, participation in social media, and content creation. also check out website development company in Meerut

Off-page SEO in Our Best SEO Company in Meerut:

This is how our Best SEO Company in Meerut optimize of your Website.