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Free Online Domain Age Checker checks a given domain name and lists the following data; domain age, domain registry creation date, domain registry last update date, domain expire date. Usually domain age is considered as an seo factor since its online presence period is considered important. The older the domain age, the more backlinks and citations it gets. You can also use this tool when buying a new domain, it is essential to know the first registry date of the domain name, thus the domain age you want to register. Besides free online domain age checker, we have more free seo tools that may help you.

What is domain age?

Domain age represents the span of time which a website has been registered and active since then. Domain age assures trust to visitors and also to search engines like Google, Bing etc. Generally there are two important factors that taken into account when analyzing the age of a domain name; first is the length of time that the domain have been registered, second is the life span of the website that it is active, online and has decent amount of crawlable content. The major search engines like google cares about the domain age from the moment that the website is first crawled by and when the very first backlink to that website is found. Thus it is very important to create backlinks as well.

Domain age and SEO

Domain age is very vital for SEO purposes because the exact age of an online property is usually a search engine ranking factor. All major search engines wish to serve their users with the most relevant and quality results. As time passes, a website ages over time and it grows more trust within the eyes of the major search engines, assuming that it offers quality content and a substantial set of relevant backlinks from other websites which have been established over time. An older domain age and an older website assures longevity and grows trust whereas there is more uncertainty about a brand new website will offer to its visitors. While domain age does certainly assures trust to search engines, it is just one of the several ranking factors involved in search engine optimization. Thus, webmasters who own new domains shouldn't be worried that their website can never be capable to compete with older websites. Although it might take a long period to compete, if you keep the main focus on quality content and gaining relevant inbound links, one day a young aged domain can beat an older one.

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