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This free keyword density checker not also gives you the total number of keywords on you given URL, but also counts the number of same keywords on that page and orders these keywords in a descending order. This way webmasters and bloggers can see how much a keyword inserted on that page and can easily compare its relation with their main target keyword. It is very important to talk often about your main keyword on the page for seo purposes. This seo tool will give a you an idea about the keyword density on your page and provide recommendation for improvements. Besides free online keyword density checker, we have more free seo tools that may help you.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is the number of times your main target keyword presented on a given website page, in comparison to the total size of the text on that same page. Generally, when you write an article for your website, you have to have thought as to what keyword you would like to rank that article for. In other words, you should have chosen your main target keyword for the particular webpage you created. Thus, your main keyword should be on that particular page more than any other keyword. This way, your keyword density percentage could be calculated. For instance, in case you have a text which is 200 words long and 20 of those words are your target keyword, your keyword density is 10%. Generally, a keyword density of 5%-10% is considered as the best practice for most of the search engines.

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