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Free Online Keyword Position Checker

This is one of the most important seo tool every webmaster and blogger needs. After a hard work of creating your valuable content and promoting it, now you need to check your results. Thus, keyword position checker comes to your help, it checks the rank of your website on popular search engines and tells you the exact rank of your domain. This tool is sometimes called keyword rank checker as well. You can select to check website position for the first 50 to 500 search engine ranking for a given web site URL. Direct SEO Tools provide this powerful keyword position checker at no cost and without limits. Besides free online keyword position checker, we have more free seo tools that may help you.

Keywords and SEO

Webmasters always set the objective to show up on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. One of the primary points you need to be dealing with is to start working on your keywords. You should check whether or not your target keywords are optimized accordingly. One of the most basic and important rules about keyword setting is choosing fewer amount of quality keywords instead of choosing many average keywords. You should also be sure to check competitors' keywords in you website niche. It is usually a better idea to choose keywords that have lower competition. While deciding on the keywords for your website, it is essential to pick the right keyword in order to get higher traffic from search engines. Just remember to always target the perfect keyword determined by relevancy and public attention towards that keyword. It's usually safer to choose the long tail keywords since it isn't very difficult to rank for those keywords. When internet users search for a query, they usually search for a keyword phrase instead of a single keyword. You may use Google Keyword Planner Tool to decide on the keyword for your website. You can find a link to The Keyword Planner tool below. When all is done you should better check website position at least once a week to track your website position accurately.

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