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Link analyzer seo tool checks the given URL/page for link statistics. This handy tool counts the total number of internal and external links from the given page. What's more, it can list link types by determining if they are dofollow or nofollow links. Furthermore, this free link analyzer shows you the URLs of those links pointing to. You can have the ability to export link analyzer report as csv format for further usage. Besides free online link analyzer, we have more free seo tools that may help you.

What is a link and what are link types?

A link or a hyperlink is an HTML object that has the ability to direct you to a new location when you click or tap on it. Links are widely used and can easily be spotted on almost every website and provide a straightforward method of navigating between pages on the internet. Links can be attached to text, images or other HTML elements. An external link is a hyperlink pointing to a different domain from the domain it is on, on the other side, an internal link is a hyperlink pointing to a different page on the same domain. A dofollow link tells search engines to follow it, contrarily, a nofollow link tells the search engines to ignore the page it is pointing to. Search engines do not follow a nofollow link.

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