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Free Online Ping Website Tool

It is definitely too bad that search engines usually are not indexing all pages of your website. Indexing process may very well be beyond a couple of weeks. For any webmaster who is occasionally adding new content to their website, it is very important to get it indexed as soon as possible. By pinging your site, you make this indexing process much faster. You simply tell all search engines that you have updated your website. By using our online ping website tool you will increase the speed of crawling and indexing of search engines. It will start to send a message to search engines that your website has a new cheesy content. You can use our website ping tool especially if you have a new content that is not indexed yet. Direct SEO tools provides this essential seo tool completely free of charge. Besides free online ping website tool, we have more free seo tools that may help you.

What is a ping?

A ping test is required to check if your smart phone or computer is connected to a network. It's widely used to see if your device is connected to the internet. Furthermore, it determines whether or not the device you are testing is connected to the web as well as the delay between two computers. Thus, a ping test is also a latency test between two devices over a certain network or over the internet.

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