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You will have to wait a long time to receive your first lead from a search engine if you are new to the online industry. If you want quick results for your work, you must choose PPC packages. But when it comes to PPC services in India, always rely on the professionals. Many so-called PPC specialists will execute it incorrectly, wasting both your time and money. Professionals with more than 5 years of expertise managing PPC campaigns for clients abroad are Google Ads certified at DirectSEOTools.


How Does Our PPC Services in India Works?

We at DirectSEOTools are aware that no two companies are alike. Each business is distinct and has its own set of needs. In light of this, we make sure that every one of our clients receives a customized PPC strategy. This is the method we employ.

Our Pay-Per-Click Packages

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Our PPC services in India

With the help of our PPC Services in India, stand out. Every type of business can benefit from the tailored PPC Packages offered by DirectSEOTools in India. For your particular business kind, we have a result-oriented approach. Our PPC Packages consist of:

Search Ads

Marketers utilise text advertising, which are compensated adverts, to advertise a business’s products or services on the Google. As a result, these straightforward advertising with text-based promotions show up on the Google network and the SERPs. Furthermore, according to Clutch, text ads are preferred by 55% of people who click on Google Search Ads.

The Google network consists of a search network, a display network, and search partners. These text advertising also make it apparent to the user that they are supported in a different way in the search network and mobile results.

Display Ads

Display ads on the Google display network are artistically appealing, expertly made commercials. All Google-owned websites, including YouTube, Gmail, and the zillions of websites listed in the Google SERP, are part of the Google display network. SEMrush estimates that Google’s Display Ad Network reaches 90% of all internet users worldwide.

Using the display ad services from DirectSEOTools, you can quickly create campaigns that focus on your objectives. We can assist you in achieving your visibility, traffic, leads, conversion, and sales goals with our PPC marketing services. With smart bidding and personalized.

Shopping Ads

According to Adthena, Google Online Shopping sites currently represent 85.3 % of all clicks and 76.4 % of retail search ad expenditure in the US. Retailers may now increase both their local inventory and web presence more easily than ever thanks to shopping campaigns. Paid shopping advertisements make it simple to get quality leads and grow paid visitors. 

At some point, prospective customers will be able to view the shopping advertisements made with Google Ads. Shopping ads are sometimes referred to as placement shopping ads since they appear in a distinct, visual format.

YouTube/Video Ads

YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine behind Google. It is a video platform that is owned by Google and supports paid advertising. Businesses may target their consumer base and rapidly connect with them by using YouTube advertising.

Transmit your message to the appropriate audience at the appropriate moment to convert viewers into paying customers. YouTube advertisements make it simple for businesses to boost customers, website traffic, subscribers, and more.

App install

Links to app listing on Google Play or the Appstore can be found in mobile app install advertisements. Direct software downloads are available from these ads for users. Depending on where the advertisement is displayed, it may also be possible to alter the content of the advertisement as it is being served. To ensure that users have a favourable experience with the adverts, Google advertisements automatically perform this action.

Ads for installing apps are really successful. The yearly projection from AppsFlyer’s predicts that the amount spent on global app installs advertising will double this year to $118 million.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is the process of re-engaging earlier website visitors and persuading them to carry out an action that they had put off. This functionality is used by marketers to actively target previous website visitors and influence them to do a particular action. It serves as a means of guiding visitors to your website. Consequently, it’s an effective tactic for raising sales and conversions. As an illustration, consider this figure from Wish Pond: The average CTR of remarketing commercials is ten times higher than that of display advertisements.

Remarketing can be seen of as an additional opportunity to turn a visitor into a customer. Successful remarketing allows for the targeted re-engagement of current or former customers with the website.

Why Choose Our PPC services in India?

The best and quickest way to get leads for your company is through pay per click advertising. As the image demonstrates, when you begin running Google advertisements, your ads begin to show up in front of your customers, giving you excellent possibilities to generate leads.

You require a website or landing page at which visitors can arrive after clicking on your ads in order to run Google AdWords. PPC advertising is a little more expensive than other digital marketing strategies, but it yields results quickly. For each and every click you receive on your Google advertisements, you will be charged. For small to large-scale organizations, DirectSEOTools offers PPC marketing packages that are both reasonable and efficient. In order to enhance ROI, our team of professionals continuously monitors the responses your advertising are receiving and optimizes PPC ads as necessary. You may outrank your rivals by partnering with DirectSEOTools for PPC services and receiving premium PPC strategy. Also check our Local SEO Service in India