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Direct SEO Tools online word counter is one of the fastest word counter you can find online. You have written an article and need to know the exact word count and character count of it. This tool is a true gem for you! There is no word or character limit, just copy your article and paste it to the text area above. As soon as you hit the enter you will get the word and character counts lightning fast. What's more this seo tool is totally free of charge. Besides free online word counter, we have more free seo tools that may help you.

Why do we need a word counter?

Learning the number of words of your article can be essential. For instance, if an author has to write down a limited amount of words for any kind of text such as an article, essay, story etc. a word counter will assist him/her to be sure that its number of words reaches a selected requirement or falls inside a certain limit. Thus, a word counter is the fastest tool for people who needs to keep a count of words of any kind of text. Without this seo tool, an author has to manually count the words which is a waste of time and in most cases it would not be perfectly accurate. This seo tool is additionally an alternative way to check your words per minute typing rate. Simply type your text to the input box and count the time until you finish writing. Then divide passed time by word count, now you have your word per minute or word per second typing rate.

Useful sources about word counter

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